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Our Services

Accounts Preparation

We have the best-rated accounting personnel and are expert in rendering all levels of accounting services. With long experience of working with a wide range of organisations and different industries, we are able to provide full accounting support to your business.

You can be confident in getting exactly what you require and expect from your accountant and business advisers. No matter whether you operate as a limited company or a partnership, an LLP or a sole-trader, we can meet your business accounting needs.

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Tax Planning

As an established and experienced chartered accountancy firm, we have the necessary skills on hand to deal with all of your tax compliance needs. Our tax advisers are experienced and well-versed in all aspects of tax and will make sure you comply with UK tax legislation, directives and other requirements specified by HM Revenue and Customs.

Efficient tax planning is a key component of a business’s financial plan and an important step in (legitimately and succe

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Although not considered to be a significant aspect of what we do, we do offer a complete payroll service with multiple options to suit your business. This service is only however offered to existing clients and it is not available separately.

Payroll can be a complex task and can be efficiently handled only with professional help.

New reporting requirements are frequently being introduced and keeping up with these can be a burden that is better shared. The introduc

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We at Numis Ltd. strive to help you have a positive experience with your business audit. Audit can be a daunting process but where possible we will always try to “add value” and use the results of the exercise to provide advice.

Registered auditors are becoming fewer and fewer as the number of statutory audits decrease (and voluntarily undertaking an audit becomes less and less likely). Many Registered Auditors have relinquished the qualification but we have so far resisted this.

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